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Our services

  • Technical specification document - To hear your business lgoic to make it dynamic.

  • Technical consultation - To reconstruct your business to make it simply.

  • Film digitizing - To digitize film which you took by filmcamera.

We can...

  • Comunication with English and Japanese language

  • To build your server with Linux

  • To create your system with Java, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby also any databases

Film digitizing

Those pictures are digitized sample.

Digitized and adjusted
Scanned negative

Negative film with LED background light. It can see bits of LED color filters.

Digitized and adjusted
Scanned negative

Same condition above photo

Digitized and adjusted
Scanned negative

Same condition above photos


We got 24th Anniversary.


Current our status...

1st Jan 2018 Updated...

We got 24th Anniversary.

30th May 2016 Updated...

We would like to inform current contacts and number below.


If there's anything interest about us, don't hesitate to contact us.


1st Jan 2016 Updated...

Currently we've got started accepting work. Now we're looking for new jobs which can enjoy with you.

Please contact us if you have something interests.

Oct 2014 Updated...

Now we would no longer accept new orders except the customer who has already ordered the orders to our company.

We inform through this website if the information which something has changed.

If you have our number or any other way to contact us, Please call us directly.

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